Funny “i before e” mugs

Grammar rules sometimes seem like pure evil. Don’t you think?

For example the well known “I before E except after c” rule. It has more exceptions than words that comply with it.

Best I before e coffee mugs

i before e mug with colorful mandala
Very colorful coffee mug with “I before E except after C” on a mandala background

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i before e rule to control the society
Coffee mug saying: “I before E except after C rule is a lie to control the society”

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i before e except after c mug
Minimalistic coffee mug

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i before e rule exceptions
I before E – 923 words break the rule, and only 44 words follow the rule. So, not an actual rule?

This funny grammar coffee mug can be bought here.

I before E. Weird but true. Sometimes.

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More about I before E

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More about the rule itself you can find in this I before E except after C article.